Relapse Prevention after Rehab – 

This week we take a closer look at what happens when clients complete their rehab, and reintegrate into a life of sobriety. There is a fantastic program, Sandstone Care located in Denver and Boulder, Colorado that is taking a refreshingly strong and positive look at the issue of continuing care and relapse prevention for teens and young adults.

Led by  Dianna Sandoval, LPC, LAC Sandstone is leading the way in the arena of relapse prevention by placing a strong emphasis on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and encouraging patients to continue their recovery with counseling that includes accountability, consistency and the development of replacement habits, or ‘muscle memory’ to replace the destructive habits that are inherent to an addictive lifestyle.

One of the things we appreciate most about Sandstone Care’s work is their attention to the care of the family unit as a whole. They acknowledge the fact that addiction affects the entire family, and as such, recovery and a life of sobriety also requires the support of a young adult’s parents. 

They offer weekly parent support groups that help navigate the challenges of helping a loved one struggling with drugs, alcohol and mental health concerns.

These parent support groups are provided free of charge and open to all parents to attend. No program affiliation is required, which – in our minds – is going the extra mile!

A New Outlook Counseling Services has enjoyed a very positive working partnership with Sandstone Care.

We very much apreciate the attention they put to every detail of a healthy recovery for their clients. They offer practical care and advice to those who complete their intensive treatment solutions, and do their clients a service by guiding them into a healthy relapse prevention program.

We support all their efforts and applaud their hard work. We encourage those who truly wish to see a lasting commitment to sobriety for their teens or young adults (up to age 30) to look into their program.

For more information about the programs at Sandstone Care. Please vist