As the year comes to an end, perhaps a personal revolution is a better, more achievable goal than typical New Year’s resolutions. After all, we all know the statistics behind the typical resolution-making process. Far better to make a revolution – and see it through! What’s the difference, you might ask?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a revolution as: “a sudden, radical or complete change.” Another definition is: “a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something. A change of paradigm.” Whereas a resolution is defined as: “a determination. An intention.”

New Year’s resolutions are almost always destined to fail because they are not much more than statements of intent. “I intend to lose weight in the next year.” Or, “I determine to stop drinking after the holidays.” These are toothless statements of intent… otherwise known as WISHFUL THINKING.

If success is what you’re after, consider starting a REVOLUTION. Make a sudden, radical and complete change. Break away from the old, destructive behaviors and habits. By making a complete change, you acknowledge that what you were doing wasn’t (isn’t) working. You start down the path of realizing that you need a fundamental shift in your thought process. You need to visualize – or see – life through different glasses.

Every revolution in history starts with one person – and one fundamental change in the way they visualize “success”. Once you’ve decided to make such a change, you must immediately secure the assistance of others who not only agree with your new way of thinking, but who might also be able to compliment your revolution with their own strengths and gifts. This can take the shape of a friend, a family member or a counselor who not only understands what you are trying to accomplish – but they have knowledge, experience and tips to help minimize the risk of failure.

A New Outlook Counseling Services stands ready, willing and abundantly able to help you with your own personal revolution! Give yourself the very best odds of success by scheduling an appointment with one of our counselors and jump start your new year with a revolution that can change everything!

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