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At some point in life, many people find themselves in need of a counselor to help get through a difficult time. By arriving at this website, you are taking the first step to seek the level of service you deserve.  
Serving Littleton/South Park, Colorado.

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Individuals, couples and families that work with our team receive support from therapists who truly want to make a difference in every patient’s life.
A New Outlook Counseling Services specializes in:


If you are suffering from any type of addiction, be it substance-related or otherwise, the team at A New Outlook Counseling Services in Colorado is
here to help. 


Struggles with family can be extremely emotional, and sometimes it takes an impartial third party to help families work through the issues each family member is facing.


A New Outlook Counseling Services offers couples and marriage counseling from our Littleton, CO office. We have individualized therapy sessions available.

Colorado Counselor

About New Outlook Counseling Services

A New Outlook Counseling Services has been providing counseling in Colorado since 2010. Our Executive Director and Therapist, Robert J. Johnson, received his Master’s Degree in Marriage, Family & Child Therapy. He is a Substance Abuse Professional, Master Addiction Counselor and a Licensed Addiction Counselor.


Please take some time to read our reviews & testimoinals so that you may see what others are saying about what we have to offer.

Robert J Johnson not only has the skill and ability to effectively work with those addiction issues, his personality is safe and welcoming.

Gary Barnes

Finally found someone (Robert) that I feel comfortable opening up to, discussing and
resolving my issues.

Catherine Mc Corry

He waited patiently, for hours while I spent quality time with my mom. He invested personally. He cared. He understood.

Cliffy Duz

Types of Therapy

Difficult Times

Care for Yourself During Difficult Times?

How Well Do You Care for Yourself During Difficult Times? During Difficult Times re-learn how to focus. Many of us feel busy, busy, busy. And it’s true—we are busy. That said, taking the time to really assess our Internet and social media time can be enlightening. If I’m honest, I spend one to two hours of a “work”...

OCD: Do Your Quirks Rise to the Level of This Disorder?

OCD or Quirky? Is this OCD? Mary felt like a prisoner to her fear of burning her house down. Despite having never left the stove on, Mary was convinced her home would burn. That if she left the house without checking the stove three times, her house would catch fire. If she left the house and forgot to check, or...

Fears – Conquer Them and Empower Yourself

Overwhelmed By Fears Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your fears so much so that it prevented you from doing something you wanted to do? Believe it or not, this is a common problem faced by many people every single day. Fear has the power to hold you back from taking risks, following your dreams or becoming...
Self-Acceptance is an Action

Self-Acceptance is an Action

What Is Self-Acceptance Imagine you are standing in front of a full-length mirror. Naked. You have been asked to gaze at yourself for two minutes. Self-acceptance is right in your face! Now take a quick inventory of the feelings that were aroused by this suggestion. Did you feel curious or afraid? Interested or...

Living and Loving from Gratitude

Jennifer “Be joyful even when you have considered all the facts.” —Wendell Berry Jennifer has recently been through a painful divorce and she’s not sleeping well. She’s having difficulties with her children, who blame her for the divorce. Her work life is rocky as well, and sometimes she’s unsure if she’s in the...
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD is an anxiety disorder that affects individuals who’ve experienced firsthand (or witnessed) intensely traumatic events

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

This Is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Ernesto just returned from Afghanistan where he witnessed an improvised explosive device (IED) destroy a Humvee in his convoy, killing his best friend. Now that he’s back home, he’s no longer the easy-going guy he once was. He has angry outbursts at the slightest provocation and...
People Pleasing Syndrome

People Pleasing Syndrome – Do You Have It?

Do You Have the People-Pleasing Syndrome? What some call people-pleasing is an interesting term to understand at times. Pleasing other people—who could find fault with that? Isn’t it a good thing to consider the needs of others, to be gracious, to be nice? By all means! But for many, the desire to please becomes an...

Self-Hatred? How Do We Heal?

Healing the Roots of Self-Hatred The Critic is a common and unfortunate constant in our inner lives. This internalized voice, self-hatred, assumes the tone and language of our mother, father, religion and/or society. After every step forward there it is, doubting or damning our choice. But for many people, “critic”...
Emotional Resilience – What Is It?

Emotional Resilience – What Is It?

Developing Emotional Resilience Major disruptions are a “gotcha” we all experience at one time or another in our lives. We get fired, laid off or passed over; a loved one dies, leaves or gets in trouble; a project stalls or gets cancelled. The list, unfortunately, is endless.  Having and developing emotional...
STOP – 10 Things to Quit Tolerating

STOP – 10 Things to Quit Tolerating

Stop Draining Your Life Tolerations are a drain on life energy as well as and distract you from your life purpose, not to mention daily satisfaction. Here’s a list of 10 behaviors and situations to stop tolerating so that you can move towards greater inner peace and fulfillment. Behaviors & Situations Unkind...
Blended Families – Striving for a Healthy, Loving Home

Blended Families – Striving for a Healthy, Loving Home

The Blended Family All relationships have their complications, but step-families create a web of relationships and inter-relationships. They make the average spider’s overnight spinning look simple in comparison. Consider these possible variations: the woman may be wife, ex-wife, mother and stepmother. Her...
Summertime Drinking: When is it a Problem?

Summertime Drinking: When is it a Problem?

Here Comes The Sun! What do you get more of in the summertime than any other time of the year? Besides mosquitoes and sunburn. If you guessed more drinking, you’re right. Summertime drinking! Except for the winter holidays, no other time of the year sees an increase in drinking as much as the good old summertime....
Bipolar Disorder – Life on a Swing

Bipolar Disorder – Life on a Swing

Indications of Bipolar Disorder Are "Mood Swings" an indication of having Bipolar Disorder? We all experience a variety of moods, including happiness, sadness, anger and frustration. Having “good” moods, “bad” moods and fluctuations in moods is an inevitable part of life. But when a person experiences extreme...
Top 10 Addiction Clues

Top 10 Addiction Clues

Not Always Easy to Spot Abusive use of, and/or addiction to alcohol or other harmful substances is not always easy to spot. If any of the following clues are present, it could be that you are dealing with someone who needs help. The Top 10 Addiction Clues Minimizing - The common refrain is, “I can stop anytime I...
Negative Patterns In Your Life

Negative Patterns In Your Life

Situations, Actions & Conflicts When unfavorable situations, actions and emotional conflicts happen again and again in your life, same scene, different characters. There’s a good chance you are in the presence of negative patterns. Some examples: picking the wrong lovers/partners, constant conflict with...
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