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This week we’d like to feature a terrific Colorado-based treatment experience that specializes in helping the addict who, after rehab, continues their poor decision-making process – leading them to relapse.  At the Jaywalker Lodge, these people are called ‘Jaywalkers’.

At the core of the Jaywalker philosophy is the intent to transform the focus of clients from the broken decisions of the past to the promise of a bright future. Their process is what makes this program so interesting to us.

Clients begin their journey at “The Landing” for phase one of treatment.

This is where they participate in recreational and clinical elements, and their individualized treatment plans are created. From there, clients transition to “The Lodge”, a 90-day program that combines clinical curriculum with a variety of mountain-based activities.

“Solutions” is the transitional 90-day program geared for clients who are ready to assume personal responsibility for their recover.  The model mirrors independent living, and allows clients to choose either a vocational or academic track.

And finally, there’s the 90-day “Outpatient Program” that combines two evening group therapy sessions with one individual therapy session each week. Each month there’s an outdoor expedition scheduled.

And it’s those expeditions that capture our attention. Designed to fill the void of the adrenaline junkie with challenge, success and and opportunity for personal change, these activities include scaling a granite cliff, rafting down class IV rapids or mountain biking down a single-track trail.

Couple those adventures with a strong sense of community service, and you’ve got a solid recipe for integration post-program.

Our hat’s off to the Jaywalker Lodge community in Carbondale, Colorado! These guys are doing it right, and we enthusiastically support their efforts!

Jaywalker Lodge provides relapse treatment and transitional sober living programs for adult men seeking freedom from drug and alcohol addiction in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Located in historic Carbondale, Colorado, Jaywalker Lodge provides sober housing that combines a daily embrace of the 12 Step program with mountain-based expeditions and a practical focus on real life rehabilitation and recovery

For further information and details on Jaywalker Lodge Sober Living, Colorado please visit www.jaywalkerlodge.com

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