Robert J. Johnson and Rowan Hill of Sandstone Care

Long term healing via a continuum of care for adolescents is the topic of conversation during a recent interview with Rowan Hill of Sandstone Care.

A New Outlook Counseling Services Executive Director, Robert J. Johnson shares his thoughts on sobriety and relapse both from the perspective of one of his clients, as well as including his own personal testimony of recovery.

Relapse doesn’t have to be!

“Relapse is a part of recovery”, says Johnson.  “But it doesn’t have to be.”

Robert Johnson demonstrates his expertise in the counseling arena by explaining that a six to nice month term of stabilization is necessary before moving onto an outpatient, or intensive outpatient counseling scenario.

In an effort to stop the cycle of addiction, people must be willing to commit to the long term healing process.

This is often where adolescents fall down.  All too often, they would rather just 

“Go to the meetings, and stop using” the drug of their preference.”

But as Johnson points out during the interview,

“Long term healing isn’t about taking shortcuts, but rather, adding layers of care that compliment the treatment that they have already gone through.”

Continual work on oneself will always boast the best results, and that is accomplished by a long term healing perspective and a continuum of care from qualified professional resources.

Creating a system of collaborative care is highly recommended, and is illustrated by the mutual respect and referral nature of the partnership between A New Outlook Counseling Services and Sandstone Care.

“The adolescent addict is not alone. They can get help. They can ask for what’s needed.” – Robert J. Johnson

Independent – Drive – Motivation.

And they can actually learn to become independent and not have to live off of their parents. They can gain employment, and maybe even go back to school to find drive and motivation.

All of these elements make the likelihood of long term healing much greater.

Sandstone Care provides individualized, age-specific treatment by designing their continuum of recovery programs to meet the unique needs of teens and young adults struggling with addictions to drugs, alcohol, and underlying mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and bipolar disorders.

They have locations in Colorado and Washington, DC.

For more information and details about Sandstone Care, please vist them at

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